Educated in the arts and having lived most my life on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, I tend to take a creative and progressive approach to my profession. I am excited by the evolution of the 21st Century Library and inspired to take part in creating it. Where there are obstacles, I recognize opportunities for innovation. In my work my talents are for creative problem solving, outreach, and collaboration. I have a knack for organization, and an aesthetic developed during my years as an art and art history student. Both have served me in developing digital content and collections, as well as library spaces and services on limited budgets. 

While I am not a traditionalist in terms of library services or space, I am committed to the highest ethical standard of service which I view as the heritage of my profession. I believe these ethics encompass equitable access to information and the right to information without restrictions based on the beliefs or biases of others. I champion the right to expression and advocate for intellectual freedom. I believe that interacting with a variety of information allows one to develop an identity outside that assigned by the individual's community, and that this is fundamental to a just society. 

My research interests include the ethic of care, visual literacy, and nontraditional library instruction.